Klipspringer Challenge 2025

2023 Pre-Race Briefing #3

Klipspringer Briefing 2023


One Week To Go!

Klipspringer Briefing 2023

Although we are still too far away to be able to confidently rely on weather forecasts for the Race Weekend, we are close enough that there actually are forecasts. Right now it’s showing that we are in for a warm weekend! Pack your sunblock and take your hydration seriously!


We are thrilled to have the magic hands of Chris-Mari back at Klipspringer this year as Race Physio, with her team from Chris-Mari Lombaard Fisioterapie from Upington. 20 minutes of miraculous recovery will cost you just R200. Bookings can be made directly with them by whatsapp 084 019 0151.

Klipspringer Briefing 2023

Park Admin

As usual we have a couple of admin shortcuts to help speed through the Park entry & exit processes. First please find attached the SANParks Gate Entry Permit (Click Here). Please download this, print and complete, including the names of all vehicle passengers, before you get to the Park gate. We are not expecting any real bottlenecks but with this year’s record Klipspringer field this will definitely help, especially for those entering the Park for the first time early on Sunday morning.

Registration: 15h00-18h00 at the Park Conference Centre just outside Reception. There is no physical Race Briefing following Registration this year so no need to hang around. Please try and get your registration sorted out as early as possible to avoid queues later on.

SANParks Conservation Fees: Remember that all visitors to South Africa’s National Parks pay a small daily Conservation Fee (Adults R63/day; Children under 11yrs R31/day SA Citizens). Race participants will not need to pay Conservation Fees but all family / friends / other visitors will. If you are not staying at the Park Conservation Fees will not be applicable when you just enter for Registration on Friday and leave, but they Will be applicable for all Day Visitors accompanying runners into the Park on Sunday. Please make sure applicable Conservation Fees are paid before leaving so you can receive the necessary Exit Permits required to leave the Park.

Attached is the official Klipspringer Race Logo (Click Here). Please download this and either print it out to display on your dashboard or save a copy to your phone to display at the Park gate. This will act as a pass-out for anybody needing to exit and re-enter the Park again. People staying in the Park will also receive a hard copy Weekend Pass when they check in.

Please remember that everybody staying at the Park will need to officially check out and pay when they leave, at which point they will receive their Exit Permit from Reception.

Klipspringer Briefing 2023

Other Admin

Please Remember that Day One is a remote start with no facilities, so anybody needing a Pre-Start toilet run, please make use of the facilities at Khamkirri on your way to the Start. Similarly runners coming from Upington side, you can stop at Khamkirri for a quick toilet break before the Start (Khamkirri is about 7km before the Start Point). There will also be awesome hot coffee / tea / hot chocolate on sale at Khamkirri in the morning. Please remember your headlamps – the sun is only rising at around 07h00. And something warm. There’s none so cool as a crisp desert dawn!

A full Race Village will be set up at Khamkirri where you can pick up your delicious complimentary lunch and relax your tired legs on the awesome Khamkirri deck enjoying a well-deserved post-run beer or two.

Reminder to those still needing to Register on Saturday or Sunday mornings to please be at the Start by 06h00.

Khamkirri to Start – approx 15min (7km)

Previous Pre-race Briefings

Please also re-acquaint yourselves (or acquaint yourselves) with previous Pre-Race Briefings for all the important Race Info, especially around the Day One Start logistics and the Khamkirri Ferry, as well as important times, race rules and compulsory kit requirements.

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Klipspringer Briefing 2023

See you all next weekend!

Your Klipspringer Team

Pre Race Briefing

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