Augrabies: Place of Great Noise (Khoi)

Following on from the overwhelmingly successful introduction of the new format, we are pleased to say that the 2-Day Klipspringer Challenge Stage Race is here to stay. More trails, more desert, more blood, sweat & tears, more exhilaration, more fun….

In the heart of the spectacularly desolate Northern Cape lies one of the continent’s true wonders of nature. As the mighty Orange River makes its way inexorably to the cold Atlantic Ocean, it winds its way through the scorching desert and the lunar landscapes of Augrabies. Forcing its way through a narrow granite gorge, it tumbles 56 metres in one of world’s biggest waterfalls by volume of water before continuing along through the spectacular sheer-walled canyon carved out of golden rock over hundreds of millions of years.

Long a favourite on the South African calendar, the renowned but challenging Klipspringer Hiking Trail has provided intrepid and tough hikers the unique opportunity to experience this unspoilt desert wilderness first hand and close up.

Now you can run the Klipspringer Trail!

Recognising the love and passion that trail runners have for the natural environment, and appreciating the increasing role that they play in conservation initiatives around the country, SAN Parks and the management of the Augrabies Falls National Park are thrilled to invite a very limited group of runners once a year to test themselves against the magnificently gruelling canyon and desert environment that is home to the Augrabies Falls Klipspringer Challenge.

Race Summary

Klipspringer Challenge
Day One+-33km
Day Two+-32km
Klipspringer Lite
Day One+-21km
Day Two+-19km

Day One Start and Finish is on the Northern bank of the Orange River near the Khamkirri & Vaaldrift Farms just outside the Park, while Day Two Start and Finish is on the Southern side of the River at the Augrabies Falls National Park Rest Camp. Day One is run in the pristine and remote Northern Section of the Park, taking runners through landscapes that might very well have never seen human footprints before. Despite some tough technical sections and the odd quad-busting climb, faster runners will relish the outstanding going as they race through this special piece of the Kalahari. Day Two is run entirely in the Southern Section of the Park and encompasses the traditional SANParks 3-day Klipspringer Hiking Trail. This is tough and technical but exhilarating desert running, rewarding runners with some of the most spectacular landscapes and scenery our planet has to offer, including some breathtaking trails along the edge of the famous Orange River Canyon.

Klipspringer 2019 One Day ONLY

Entrants will have the option to enter One Day ONLY at a reduced Entry Fee. Entrants will be able to select from either Day One or Day Two only of either the Challenge or the Lite. One Day ONLY Entry Fees do NOT include a free Race Shirt but will allow the option for purchase. Please see the link below for further details:

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54 thoughts on “Augrabies: Place of Great Noise (Khoi)”

    1. Howzit Andre, We’re finalising the exact distance for the race route but are working on around 40km. Keep an eye on the website / FB page for updates.

  1. Hi Helena,
    Thanks for the query (and suggestion 🙂 ). Unfortunately first year we’re keeping it simple and focusing on the one main event. Sorry about that. BUT I will say that if you’re thinking of 21km, you can just up it to the 40km!! You’ll have the full day to finish (and trust me there’s a fair bit of pure hiking anyway – or at least for me there is!). Give me a shout if you want to ask any more questions on this.

  2. Hey Petri, Sunday 1st May 2016, start +-07h00 (it’s a long weekend – the Monday 2nd may is a public holiday).

  3. Hi Warnell. Thanks for the inquiry. The standard Entry Fee is R1450. As an inaugural race we have put in place a significant Early Bird Entry Fee of R1100 for entries submitted and paid before 17 January 2016. Entry fees include the fully supported and marked trail, including well stocked hydration and nutrition stations, emergency medical support, specially designed technical Race shirts from Anatomic, medals for all finishers, lunch for runners at the end of the race, and SANParks’s daily Conservation Fees. Please don’t hesitate with any more questions. Thanks,

  4. Hi I’m keen for the race,
    Can you recommend any accommodation close to the race venue,

    I will be coming from Pretoria

    Kind regards

    1. Howzit Nick.
      Cool! If you’re doubling up the run with a romantic weekend or something there are a couple of places that are quite close that look awesome! Message me at the and I’ll give you names if you want. Otherwise the chalet accommodation in the Park itself is fantastic. Also super convenient – step out your chalet and walk to the Start / Finish, and also very well priced (AND we’ve negotiated a runner’s discount – quote the race and/or the “King discount” – just my name, not anything royal – when you make a reservation). Give me a shout if there are any more questions.

  5. Hey Lou, still to be fully finalised, but Start will be at +-07h00 and Finish cut-off will be +-17h00. Enough time for a swim in the river 🙂

  6. Hi Ledivia,

    Thanks for the inquiry.

    Very roughly, the first water station will be at about 12km in from the Start, and the second will be at about the 25km mark. This means you don’t have to carry full water from Start to Finish, but it is still the desert and you WILL need to carry some of your own water supplies – it will be part of the Compulsory Equipment that we will require all runners to adhere to, specifically a MINIMUM of 1.5L of water at the Start.

    You will be able to drink and to fill up hydration packs at the water stations, but we will be strict about the safety concerns involved in Extreme Desert Trail Running, so you will be required to be somewhat self-sufficient.

    Hope this helps. Give me a shout if you have any more questions.


  7. Hi Warren

    Can you hike the run / hike / walk & still finish within the time, or do you need to run a fair amount of it?

  8. Hi Bernice, It’s difficult to say without knowing how fast the person generally runs / hikes / walks 🙂 (or how often they stop). My own personal experience, and I am NOT a fast runner but am pretty good at keeping moving without stopping, is that with running the very roughly 50% of the total distance that I found comfortably runnable, and hiking the rest (for example the boulder-hopping along the river) I would be looking at anything from 7 to 8hrs (and cut off is 10hrs).
    Hope that helps.

  9. Howzit John! We have an overall limit with SANParks for overall numbers of 200, which we might be allowed to go slightly higher with the introduction of the Lite. In terms of limit PER race we’ll balance it out between the two and see how we’re looking closer to the time. Hope this helps.

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