Augrabies: Place of Great Noise (Khoi)

New Klipspringer 2018 2-day stage format:

Following on from the overwhelming success of our first couple of years we have listened to our Klipspringer fans and have added MORE!! More trails, more desert, more blood, sweat & tears, more exhilaration, more fun….

The weekend of 28 & 29 April 2018 will see the introduction of our brand new two-day stage race format opening up even more of the magnificent Augrabies Falls National Park and incredible Kalahari. You will be running in places that very few humans have even seen!

The last few details of the new routes are still being finalized but this is what we can tell you now – the unbelievable trails that made up the original Klipspringer Challenge & Klipspringer Lite remain to thrill and kill you on Day Two, while Day One will be made up of spectacular brand new trails that in all likelihood have never seen a human footprint. Overall approximate distances will be as follows:

Klipspringer Challenge
Day One +-25km
Day Two +-35km
Klipspringer Lite
Day One +-17km
Day Two +-18km

Klipspringer 2018 One Day ONLY

Entrants will have the option to enter One Day ONLY at a reduced Entry Fee. Entrants will be able to select from either Day One or Day Two only of either the Challenge or the Lite. One Day ONLY Entry Fees do NOT include a free Race Shirt but will allow the option for purchase. Please see for further details

Entries open 1 October 2017! Space is limited.

In the heart of the spectacularly desolate Northern Cape lies one of the continent’s true wonders of nature. As the mighty Orange River makes its way inexorably to the cold Atlantic Ocean, it winds its way through the scorching desert and the lunar landscapes of Augrabies. Forcing its way through a narrow granite gorge, it tumbles 56 metres in one of world’s biggest waterfalls by volume of water before continuing along through the spectacular sheer-walled canyon carved out of golden rock over hundreds of millions of years.

Long a favourite on the South African calendar, the renowned but challenging Klipspringer Hiking Trail has provided intrepid and tough hikers the unique opportunity to experience this unspoilt desert wilderness first hand and close up.

Now you can run the Klipspringer Trail!

Recognising the love and passion that trail runners have for the natural environment, and appreciating the increasing role that they play in conservation initiatives around the country, SAN Parks and the management of the Augrabies Falls National Park are thrilled to invite a very limited group of runners once a year to test themselves against the magnificently gruelling canyon and desert environment that is home to the Augrabies Falls Klipspringer Challenge.

Race Summary

Klipspringer Challenge

Showcasing the very best of desert trail running, the 40km Klipspringer Challenge provides runners with a fantastic balance. The race starts with some tough technical up-and-downs in the early sections as runners make their way along the canyon top, followed by a steep rocky climb down to the bottom of the canyon and some spectacularly brutal boulder hopping along the banks of the river as they make their way through the magnificent granite cliffs of the ancient Orange River Canyon. Runners will then be greeted with energy sapping desert riverbed sandtraps leading out of the canyon, and exhilaratingly fast Kalahari trails to take them home, through the foreboding Swart Rante with their exquisite Quiver Trees and Camelthorns, over the unforgettable Moon Rock to the Finish. Although the Race Weekend has been chosen carefully, desert heat could always be a factor and Compulsory Equipment and Water requirements are critical. In addition to some of the best and toughest trail running conditions on the planet, runners will be rewarded with unbelievable scenery and very possibly sightings of the native Springbok and Gemsbok that make the Park their home, as well as, of course, the race namesake, the awesome and agile Klipspringer. Those runners that take the time to enjoy a quick dip in the cool and mighty Orange River (recommended!) are likely to do so to the unmistakable haunting cry of the resident Fish Eagles.

Klipspringer Lite

The 21km Klipspringer Lite provides runners with a spectacular and challenging taste of true desert trail running. The course essentially follows the route of the Challenge for approximately 9km, throwing up some tough technical ups and downs in between some great running trails along the top of the canyon. At this โ€œmidpointโ€ runners will be greeted by the very welcome sights of a fully stocked hydration station and some of the most incredible views over one of the worldโ€™s most dramatic sheer granite river canyons. Here the Challenge continues down into the canyon while the Lite turns away to join the wonderfully fast trail heading home, taking them through some exquisite indigenous Kalahari Camelthorn and Quiver Tree landscape, up and over the unforgettable Moon Rock towards the Finish.

Entries Closed

47 thoughts on “Augrabies: Place of Great Noise (Khoi)”

  1. Hi Warren, would you be able to provide a google earth, gpx or similar file that could be uploaded to a GPS unit of the Lite route?
    Thanks in advance. Cheers, Thorsten

    1. Thanks Rian ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for that feedback. I love hosting you guys there! See you next year!

    1. Hi Saskia, no, it’s over one day. This year the Mens Winner and Runner-up came in under three hours ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    1. Thanks. When will the details on the 2018 race be available?
      When do you anticipate for the entries to open?

  2. Hey Marina,
    Still finalising the second-day routes so I can’t tell you the exact times just yet, BUT the principles will be the same as before for BOTH races for BOTH days, which is that you’ll pretty much get full daylight to finish, which at that time of year is approx 10hrs ๐Ÿ™‚ so plenty of time!
    Hope that helps.

  3. Hi Ismail, there are a number of good accommodation options in the area but without doubt the best for the actual race would be to stay in the Park itself 054 452 9200.
    Hope that helps,

  4. Hi we are in for lite race. Are there any route or plan for training? Maybe in augrabies, Upington or Kathu. We are a group of Spaniards adn Italian based n kathu.


  5. Hi Warren ,trying to enter the 2 day challenge , but the website only offers me an option for the Lite. Please advise . Thanks

  6. Hey Mariette I saw your entry come through so it looks like you’re sorted? Give me a shout if you still need help.

  7. Hi Warren,
    My name is Jaime Sancho and I have enrolled to the Klipspringer Lite ( one day ) I would like also to enroll to the second day. I mean, full race ” KLIPSPRINGER lite”( two days in all ). I wanted to do by internet by I could not do it so How can I enroll to the complete race ?

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