Race Photos

Race Photographs uploaded to Dropbox courtesy of the fantastic Anena Burger of Anenabphoto from Upington. You can view them here. Just follow the link below.


Click on a photo to open it up on the screen. The photo number will appear in the top left corner of the screen. Example: DSC_3572. This code must please be used to order the photo. Please use the code exactly as you see it there and not only the number. Three photographers took photographs therefore the full code is important to use.

To place an order please follow the instructions below:

1. Send an e-mail to Anenabphoto@vodamail.co.za with the subject: Klipspringer – Photo Orders

2. Please provide full details such as your name, surname, contact numbers and postal address.

3. Please send your order as follow by: Photo code, the size that it must be printed and the total, for example:

DSC3572: 1 x Jumbo = R10

DSC3573: 2 x A5 = R40

If you are ordering digital files only, please indicate: DVD and list the photo codes that you wish to purchase.

4. Please end the order with the total amount and include R150.00 for the courier fee.

5. Please accompany your order with a proof of payment. Please use your e-mail or your name and surname as reference when doing an EFT or payment. (Credit Card facilities are not available.)

Prices for printing:

Jumbo (postcard): R10.00

A5: R20.00

A4: R40.00

A3: R80.00

Bigger prints can be ordered. We will supply you with a quote on bigger or custom sizes.

Prices for digital photographs on DVD:

R35 per image. Images will be written onto DVD in high resolution.

Bank details: Please see email

To be able to get all the orders finalised, printed and posted we request that all orders must be placed no later than Monday, 16 May. The photographs will be printed and couriered by Friday 20 May.

For any queries or if you are uncertain about the procedure please feel free to contact Anena at any time on 0727261870.